about us


Ginkgo Collection was born from the experience of Litocartotecnica Pigni , which since 1963 has evolved more and more in the world of packaging production. Over the years Pigni has specialized in what is currently its reference market, namely the food sector.

The experience in the sector has therefore led to the creation of Ginkgo Collection, a brand dedicated to the world of wine, food and in general to cardboard packaging for the packaging of gifts for many occasions.

Our wine boxes can hold one or more bottles and are available in different colors. Do you have a wine shop, a winery? Are you a winemaker? Are you a company that wants to give its collaborators and customers wine for a special occasion, are you a private individual who needs to pack many bottles of wine? Ginkgo Collection allows you to choose from many options of boxes and colors, which you can ask us to customize with your logo or graphics.

Not just wine! Ginkgo Collection also offers you many boxes suitable to be used as gift boxes and for the transport of take-away food Our products are perfect for restaurants, bars, delicatessens, catering, pastry shops, small businesses, artisans and anyone offering take-away food or home delivery of their products. Shoppers, trays, boxes … many solutions that you can use as you see fit to package your products. By adding ribbons, bows, twine, wrapping paper, stickers you can create your own unique and personalized gift boxes. 

All our boxes can be customized with colors, special graphics and company logos!


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